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Parenting Solo By Choice

For some of us, choosing to parent without a partner was a decision made during or before the pregnancy.

Becoming pregnant without a partner through I.V.F. (In vitro fertilization), Fostering, Adoption, and continuing a planned or unplanned pregnancy after a relationship ends are choices Irish people have and are making.

Since the legal recognition of same-sex partnerships in 2011, along with the Repeal the Eighth Amendment Campaign in 2018, Irish people have been given more freedom and autonomy in their choices during pregnancy and childbirth.

Regardless of your personal journey to becoming a single parent, there are supports and opportunities for connection throughout making these choices, during the pregnancy, birth and beyond.

The importance of finding a village or tribe is invaluable!

There are many helpful resources and supports in available in Kilkenny, you can learn about them here. (link to resources page

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